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Estelle Akofio-Sowah
Estelle Akofio-Sowah

The long-term vision for Google was to increase Internet penetration in Sub-Saharan Africa and also to reduce Internet access costs by investing in the required infrastructure. As the internet is a global lever for development, the lease/partnership of a wholesale last mile fiber network would ultimately carry many secondary benefits.

In October 2017, in order to accelerate the scope of the project, Google entered into a joint venture with Mitsui & Co (Japan), Convergence Partners (South Africa) and the International Finance Corporation (IFC, World Bank Group). CSquared became an independent company with these four shareholders, putting their expertise and experience to work. Together, they have made available 100 million USD to lead expansion projects in new markets.

CSquared currently owns and operates over 890 km of metropolitan fiber in Kampala and Entebbe in Uganda; more than 1070 km of fiber in 3 cities in Ghana: Accra, Tema, Kasoa, Kumasi and 180 km in Monrovia, Liberia.

Our Impact on the Telecom / Internet Market

With the advent of 3G and 4G, and as we moved forward towards 5G it is clear that demand for data is growing exponentially around the world. Nevertheless, we are seeing a basic infrastructure deficit in emerging markets; infrastructures which nonetheless constitute the essential foundations for the emergence of services. Indeed, the costs associated with this type of deployment (buried fiber: civil engineering works) represent significant investments that only certain providers are able to achieve.

Our investment therefore allows the entire Mobile Operator and ISP ecosystem to access basic infrastructure at affordable prices; Affordable prices because our pooling model ensures a viable and profitable business model. In addition, our neutral positioning guarantees transparency and fairness. Moreover, the concomitant opportunity related to the presence of our fiber is the deployment of FTTH access network (Fiber to the Home) that allow users (homes or businesses) to access unlimited speeds and quota.

The presence of our infrastructure will in the short term increase the coverage of access networks, improve the quality of Telecommunications & Internet services, and above all offer better prices to end-users.