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Opening Ceremony of MT4D-24 – DPI Track for 3i Africa Summit – Dr. Ing. Kenneth Ashigbey

Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished guests, and valued stakeholders, welcome to MT4D-24. Mobile Technology for Development 2024 is a track under the auspices of the 3i Africa Summit 2024. This marks the fourth edition of MT4D, an initiative that stands at the forefront of leveraging mobile technology to drive development in Ghana and across Africa.

MT4D is an event that provides the platform for stakeholders within the financial, technology, and development sectors to converge at a single location to share ideas, exhibit solutions, take stock of innovations in payments, deposits, credit, remittances, and insurance, and build partnerships for an enhanced effort towards financial inclusion in Ghana.

As a platform, it unites key actors in the technology ecosystem, including policymakers, regulators, industry players, academia, and end-users, to collaborate on innovative solutions that advance our nations. Throughout the years, this platform has been instrumental in catalyzing significant progress and advancements in our sector.
Through the insights and perspectives shared, policy and regulatory ideas and innovations have been formulated to influence policies and regulations on financial inclusion.

Thanks in part to the invaluable partnership of the Bank of Ghana,
they have been a major partner in all previous editions. So, with the 3i
Africa Summit being championed by the Bank of Ghana, we, the
Ghana Chamber of Technology, the EMI Chamber of Ghana and
Financial Inclusion Africa, the organisers of MT4D, agreed to partner
the organizers 3i Africa Summit to have MT4D as one of the tracks of
the summit. Today we bring you MT4D24.

So, as we gather here today for the final day of the 3i Africa Summit,
we are proud to present MT4D24 dealing with the Digital Public
Infrastructure track—an opportunity to further harness the power of
mobile technology for sustainable development. Together, let us
explore new horizons, forge meaningful partnerships, and pave the
way for a brighter future for Ghana and the continent.

We are grateful to the Bank of Ghana who has offered us the
opportunity to host this track bear most of the cost and our other
sponsors, Huawei Technologies Ghana, Telecel Cash, People Pensions,
GhIPPS, and Zeepay. We are grateful for your continued support.

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As we welcome you to MT4D24, we are preparing for MT4D 25 next
year, that event would be championed by FIFA and EMI Chamber of
For today let us enjoy and contribute to developing Africa and Ghana’s
Digital Public Infrastructure to ensure that we carry all Africans on this
journey of financial inclusion and the development of our continent.
Thank you for being a part of this transformative journey. I leave you
with my colleague and brother Dr. William Derban to take you
through what is in store for you at MT4D-24, the 3i Africa Summit