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Structure of the Ghana Chamber of Telecommunications

Governing Council Members

About Governing Council – The Governing Council is the board of directors for the Chamber. It compromises the Heads of all the member organizations and their alternates together with the Chamber CEO.

The Governing Council, currently chaired by the CEO of Telecel (Mrs Patricia Obo-Nai) sits bi-monthly. 

Executive Council

The Executive Committee of the Governing Council consists of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, other Class A Members, and the CEO. It reviews membership applications, implements Council resolutions, meets regularly, and takes necessary decisions for the Chamber’s business, subject to Council ratification. It can co-opt additional attendees and must have a quorum to function.


The Ghana Chamber of Telecommunications has a structure that is made up of an executive council and governing council overseeing the activities of the organisation. The secretariat is managed by a CEO with a support staff and carefully curated working groups as well as external service providers.

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